TUSLOG Det. 3-2, Samsun and TUSLOG Det. 4, Sinop. 1969-1970

On Memorial Day weekend 2010, my father and I went through some old pictures. My Dad was an airman in the US Air Force Security Service, and was stationed in Turkiye in 1969 and 1970 as an Electronics Intercept Operator.

I recorded some quick notes and comments from my Dad and wanted to share them with you. His comments are in quotations. Click on the images for full-size pictures.

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"Ours or theirs? PUTSK!"

Roommate in Sinop.

Samsun airman. "What a remote tour will do."

TUSLOG 3-2 Samsun. "That was one scary mile between here and the barracks after the flag incident."

Askeri Samsun'da. "Keep people out? Keep people in?"

Sinop "Turtle love. Black Beach near Sinop"